Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ohio Snow Driving Skills My @#&

My Facebook status today was, "Heading off to work, good thing for my Ohio drive in the snow skills, wish other drivers had them."

You know, I jinxed myself.

The townhouse roads are clear to the pavement. However, the road out of the development, through the big, swanky, single family homes isn't. You really are o.k. as long as you don't stop and stay in the packed down area. Well, a BMW got stuck in the middle of the road. There was just barely enough room to get by him...so I tried and just got past him when my right front tire slid off the track and into 18 inches of snow. So now the road was really blocked and there were 4 cars behind me.

BMW guy had a shovel and he started to help shovel me out. We tried three times to get my car out of the 18 inch snow. The people behind me were very impatient. Then up drives a Merry Maid car...and they were going to try to pass the BMW on the other side through worse snow.

Come on people!

So, BMW guy and I dig out my right tire some more and this Pakistani guy three cars back walks up, doesn't offer to help push or help dig but says, "Why don't you put it in D2 or something to get more traction."

"I'm in 18 inches of snow, D2 isn't going to help me."

He keeps giving me driving advise.

"I know what I'm doing, I grew up in Ohio driving in the snow. I can get out...it will just take a couple tries."

When the next try got me about 6 inches further but not out, the lady two cars behind got out and yelled, "You need to straighten your wheel."

Just so you all know, my wheels were straight on the initial get traction, but I had to turn to the left in an attempt to free myself from the 18 inches of snow on the right. All going straight would do is get me into more of the 18 inches.

She walks up and knocks on my window, "Straighten your wheel."

O.k. I was about to back-up and straighten ...but would still have to turn the wheel left. When that attempt also only got me six inches further. She is still standing there telling me to straighten it up more.

"Do you not see the 18 inches of snow on the right side of my car...it won't matter if I'm going perfectly straight...I need to get to the left a bit."

Did she offer to push or to help dig. No. The BMW guy pushed my car with each escape attempt and helped me dig out my tire with his shovel the whole time apologizing that it was all his fault. The drivers behind us stood outside their cars, arms crossed, toes tapping, eyes rolling. I looked at BMW guy and said, its not your fault, its the weather and to heck with those people behind me. If they want me out so badly, they could help and they aren't. A look of relief settled on him. One more push and I was finally out.

I suppose I shouldn't wish for bad winter karma to get those people behind me...but I kind of do.

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Tiffany said...

Good grief. Why can't people just settle down a little bit? Everyone seems to get their panties in a bunch so easily. And you are right - if those people really wanted to help, they would have. Seems to me they just preferred to complain. Sheesh.

Merry Christmas!!