Monday, March 2, 2009



Gracie found her forever home this weekend. A very nice young woman adopted Gracie.

I cried zipping Gracie up into the new carrier.

I'll be honest. It was a sad weekend for me. I felt guilty feeling sad because I knew I had done the correct thing. Gracie's new mom sent me an e-mail on Sunday to let me know how the first two days went.

She said Gracie was a bit upset at first. She found her way into the bathroom and sat in the bath tub and cried for an hour. It broke her new mom's heart. Her mom put a towel over Gracie. She said it was really cute as Gracie burrowed under, except for her tail.

After all that, Gracie finally came out and let her new mom pet her. She said Gracie purred the whole time and started rubbing up against her legs. Sunday, Gracie ventured out into the living room and discovered the big window and climbed the bookshelf (playing with everything along the way) to a nice perch and view out the window.

Her new mom said Gracie was very loving and affectionate and could tell that she came from a loving home. She was really enjoying playing with her and hoped that Gracie would feel completely comfortable soon.

I'm sure Gracie will be very comfortable soon. She is the star of the show, so to speak. There are no other pets in the home. Gracie won't have to worry about getting jumped by three other cats. I am excited for her!


Wendylicious said...

I'm so happy for Gracie!! Hugs to you for being such an awesome kitty mommy!

Samantha West said...

Yay Gracie!