Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Gardens of Montpelier


Doesn't that just look like an entrance to a fairy tale garden. It was amazing! The garden was a DuPont familiy improvement. It was smaller than what the Madisons' would have had. The big difference for the DuPonts', they grew flowers in this garden, the Madisons' would have grown fruits and vegetables.

Yes, I was making my visit at high noon on a very sunny day.


I love this lion. He looks like he wants to frolick and play. His brother was on the other side of the stairs.

DSCN7273 DSCN7274

He doesn't look so bothered that he can't go and play. Its like he's telling the first one, "Hey, its o.k. when the fairy magic comes back, we can play again."


By the way, can I just tell you that I HATE boxwood. The bush smells like stinky wet feet. Bleck! It just makes me want to gag! Of course no one else in my family could smell anything. But look at that glorious garden that stinky boxwood path leads to. I just loved all of the Irises and Peonies. I wish I had a yard this big to accommodate a garden like this. My dad of course commented on the wonderful mowing job - - he should know, in his retirement from 30 years of teaching, he mows the golf course at the Country Club.


Does anyone know what the following flowers are? I want to plant a couple of these in my side yard garden.


I also absolutely love Peonies. I want to plant them in my side yard garden also. I really liked this particular pink variety.



Samantha West said...

Beautiful photography as usual! Thanks for the virtual vacation!

Samantha West said...

PS, I'm going to have to sniff boxwood up close now. I love boxwood and have never smelled anything. You have made me very curious about this stinky feet thing.

Kelly said...

Love the pictures, it makes me want to go there. My hometown has a beautiful rose garden that was within walking distance of our old house. There is so much to do around here that it's hard to get started, does that make sense?