Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Over 2300 Lives Saved

Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation, the group I am fostering Gracie through, sent out a wonderful e-mail today. I have edited it so that is isn't as long.

In 2008, Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation hit a record high in pet adoptions.

A total of 2,365 dogs and cats found new homes this past year. Rescued from poor conditions in rural shelters, surrendered by former owners, or born in foundation care, these pets can now enjoy long, happy lives with families who love and adore them.

Dog adoptions grew 17% in the past year, with 1635 being placed in a home during 2008. Lost Dog Lost Cat also exceeded historical cat adoption rates, with 674 finding new homes- a 13% increase from 2007.

Each year, the organization works to rescue more dogs and cats than the previous year, care for more injuries and illnesses, and find more good homes. This was especially important in 2008, because so many pets became silent victims of foreclosures in the housing market crisis, and then even more were surrendered due to additional economic downturns making pet care unattainable. In this past year alone, over 1780 dogs and almost 700 cats came to Lost Dog, either by way of rescue from a rural shelter, owner surrender, or being born in our care.

We know that 2009 will present new and difficult challenges for homeless dogs and cats, but Lost Dog's commitment will not waver. To date, the work of Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation has saved over 10,000 dog and cat lives. But for us, that is just a start. There are 10,000 more waiting for a new home.

Isn't this awesome!?!

I thank my co-worker for getting me in contact with this group and for letting me use their network to try and find Gracie a home. I hope we are closer to finding her her forever home.

If you are interested, there are opportunities to volunteer, donate or sponsor a rescue.

Here are some new photos and video of Gracie.

I didn't realize how shiny her coat is. Fancy Feast and Purina Pro Plan Selects in Salmon flavor suit her well.


These photos are a couple weeks old. She had an eye cold then. It has gone away. I think it was from the stress of being harassed by Ranger and Stryker and being taken to adoption events.


Taking her to adoption events is the best way to get her seen by the most people. It is heart breaking for me - - and I'm sure her too. She cries when I put her in the carrier and this is how she looks while at the adoption event.


At least she wasn't hiding under the towel. She's really good at burying herself. She looks SOO angry this picture makes me want to cry. To all the people who have ever said that cats are not expressive, just look at this picture. She is saying more than 1000 words. In fact a little boy walked by and asked me, "Why does that cat want to kill me?" I had to convince him that it wasn't him but me.


Now you've seen the "At Home" photos and the "At Adoption Event" photos, these are the at home videos. I have to shut her in my bedroom all day and night as my other cats attack her. Gracie actually growls and hisses first - - I guess she eggs them on. If you look at the second photo I posted, you may notice the scar across her nose. I think she may have been attacked by the feral cats that lived in the woods around the condo complex where she was abandoned.

Its been more difficult to place her because I have been trying to find a home where she will be the only animal. It seems that most people want a companion cat for an existing cat or dog. Gracie isn't a companion for another pet. She is a Diva cat. She wants her human's full attention. Here she is playing.

She is also very chatty and loving. There is a lady who has contacted me about adopting Gracie. As Murphy's law would have it, last weekend, when she came to look for Gracie, I was at the Museum and also had Saturday plans so I couldn't meet her. I hope that she has a chance to meet Gracie this Friday. I wish Gracie would show this personality at adoption events instead of the terrified, ticked off kitty.

I can say though that I am glad that I have had this week to prepare for not having Gracie in my life. I really hope she gets adopted, because I'd like her to have a life consisting of more than one room in the house and one in which she doesn't have to hide. However, I'm really going to miss her because she has been the sweetest cat I have EVER had come into my life. I am going to forward a link to this blog to the lady that is interested in adopting Gracie because I want her to see the Gracie I know. The REAL Gracie.

I call this next video "Kisses". Doesn't she just have a little purr motor? She is very talkative (not so much here) and loves to get petted and snuggle and she then has to give me 'kisses', which is a cat rubbing its face on my face (in this case the camera that was in front of my face).

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