Friday, January 16, 2009

Yet Another Adoption Event With Gracie


Going to these adoption events is hard. Emotionally.

First of all, Gracie cries this mournful cry when I put her in the carrier. She used to cry the entire way to PetSmart. Now, the car ride is deathly silent. I don't know what is worse. The silence almost feels like 'resignation', like she knows I'm trying to get rid of her. Like she knows she is being rejected, yet again.

Once at PetSmart, she is transferred to a cage/crate. She tunnels under the towel to hide. She hides really well. I have to reach in and uncover her so people can see her.

The whole time, she gives me "The Look".

I can't explain "The Look", really. But its like she's saying, "What are you doing to me? I am so angry with you right now. Don't you know that I've adopted YOU! YOU are my human. I want to go home, NOW!"

It kills me.

The tension here at home between Gracie and the others - -my fuzz posse - - has gotten pretty bad. Its like the others know she doesn't belong or won't be staying, isn't going to be permanent. Therefore, her initial assertion that she get the prime sleeping spots on the bed has been over ruled. They walk right up to her and smack her with their paws and she runs and hides. Now, the others don't have to even smack her, they just walk in the room and she hides.

While I am at work, the boys keep her hostage under a bed.

I feel so bad. What a horrible life, to live it under a bed. I do realize that the alternative is worse. She's indoors, she's being fed - - much better than her situation before. I just hope that I can find a home for her soon. A home where she can sleep out in the sun, cuddle and play.

The other hard thing about going to adoption events is seeing the other cats. Today, there were two kittens they rescued from a shelter in Spotsylvania County. One of the kittens looked exactly like Ranger. When I pulled him out of the carrier to put him in the crate, under his fluffy fur he was skin and bones. Oh my goodness. I have never felt a kitten so starved in my life. My heart just broke for him. One of the other ladies that fosters decided to take him home and get him fattened up. He was such a sweet little man. He purred when I was holding him and fell asleep in the other lady's arms.

I just want to take them all home with me.


Samantha West said...

Did no one adopt Gracie?

But I want to say something: No matter what the good deed is, or how small it is, every time you do one, it sweetens the world a little more.

Now, you have already done a lot by fostering Gracie, she has hope where there once was none, and you cannot save every abandoned kitty in the world. I know the feeling you have though, there was a beautiful Irish boy in Iowa over Christmas that I wanted to go get. He was thin and under nourished and had worms and gosh, I fell in love with his photos. Irish are such peculiar pups that they require a certain personality of human to live with. Adoption is not always successful. However, I believe they require a big yard and lots of running room to be happy. Since I don't have that right now I didn't go get him. He finally went to a couple with a farm and two other big dogs. Things will work out with Gracie and the other kitties as well.

liberal army wife said...

I volunteer at the Petsmart in Springfield - and we have more than a few Gracie's! the scared little sweeties. I don't have a foster (everytime I decide to foster someone in the cages, they get adopted!) right now. I'd love to, but I have an only cat who is 11, not sure how he'd take to the foster cat - and I live in an apartment where I'd have to pay another 50 a MONTH for an additional animal.

Don't worry, Gracie will adopt someone..