Saturday, November 1, 2008

Gracie's Adoption Events

Gracie and I attended her second adoption event last night.

These are very stressful for her and she hides under the towel most of the time. The cool thing about last night, we met a gal who is interested in adopting Gracie. She was really nice and I think Gracie would really love having her as a "mommy". Gracie will definitely get more attention.

So, I'm posting some video of Gracie that I took so her future mom can see how Gracie acts in a 'non-stressful' environment.

Oh but first, I have to share the first adoption event experience. That is Gracie in her crate. This little girl kept coming out to pet Gracie. It was really sweet.


This is a picture the little girl drew for Gracie. She was so sweet. Now, the interesting thing, I'm there with just Gracie. How did this little girl know I had three other cats, Gracie making four? Good thing is we all have smiles on our faces. I put the picture in the crate with Gracie (you can see it above). This little girl just was in love with her - - but her parents weren't interested in getting a cat.


O.k. Now for the video. She has such a loud purr.

This is quite a bit longer with lots of playing. Gracie purrs the entire time with cuddle breaks in-between the playing.

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