Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bali Day 5: Balinese Healing and lunch at Bali Buddha


The theme of this trip was Eat, Pray, Love - - all based upon the book by Elizabeth Gilbert of the same name. One of the people she writes about is Wayan the Healer. We stopped by Wayan's shop in Ubud. Below, Wayan the healer speaks with our tour leader.


While half the group was getting healing services at Wayan's shop, the other half of us headed over to a cafe across the street called Bali Buddha. Bali Buddha had a great atmosphere, this is a cafe that could be transplanted in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia and fit in. Totally hip and relaxed...I loved the purple walls and the food was GREAT! If you are in Ubud, I recommend you stop here for lunch.


Two of the gals in our group along the outside wall looking out the window onto Jalan street.


Me and my fellow Washingtonian at one of the middle tables with the menu of healing drinks or meals on the chalk board behind us.


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