Wednesday, March 26, 2008

First Run Outside in 2008 and Zombie Co-workers

Amazingly, I was able to run 1 and a quarter miles outside today. I think it was easier because I ran with my co-worker and we talked a lot of the way. My goal is to add half a mile every week or two until I'm up to 3 miles. I don't want to injure myself (I did that the last time I was running outside and pushed too hard).

But all in all for the first run outside, I feel pretty positive about it.

Oh, and then I had a great conversation with one of the military police officers later in the evening in the cardio room at work. I don't know what it is with me and men in uniform - - haha! The last time I worked on the project I am on now, he and I used to work out at about the same time and would chat - - then I moved to the bored-out-of-my-mind project.

You know what -- he remembered all that - - all the details about me moving to the other project. Hmmmm. And that was over a year ago.

The day ended on an up - - it started on a real downer.

I forgot the bagels today.

It was my day to bring the darn things and I was running late and its not part of my routine. So I had to drop all my stuff off at my desk and run out and get them.

Can I just tell you my co-workers are like sharks. I mean they are feeding machines. People were coming by my desk before I got in asking where I was and where the bagels were. Forgetting the bagels was like my biggest work nightmare. Its like that dream you have where you miss a final in college because you show up for it a day late (I actually did this - - really missed a final because I showed up a day late). So anyway - - I'm now living the cubical world nightmare of ravenous zombie co-workers chasing me through the desk labyrinth chanting, "We want our bagels!"

Well, I made the panicked run to Panera Bread - - that is a bakery chain here in the U.S. They make the best breads and baked goods. So I got bagels and pastries.

Luckily when I returned, most of the project was in a meeting. My life and limbs were spared from the hungry stampede of zombie co-workers.

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Holly said...

Hey Rangergirl!
Lysa and I loved your comment this morning! We totally agree with you...we run almost every morning together and don't seem to lose any weight,but we feel GREAT. So that's what's most important. Also - you are so right! A true friend would be completely honest with you...we had to chuckle at this this am - thanks!