Thursday, April 30, 2009

So Amazed by It All

Its been a nother whirlwind of a week.

Tonight, I attended a lecture at the Museum on the Battle of Dai Do (Vietnam). General Bill Wiess who was the Battalion Commander at Dai Do had sat near me during Docent training. I'm always surprised that he remembers me - - he remembers who all of us Docents are. I told him I would be blogging about the lecture - - so he gave me a copy of the script so I gotta spend some time on it to get it just right.

The amazing thing about the battle is that a battalion took on and stopped an entire NVA division from over running the Dong Ha Combat base. The number odds were just incredible - - so that story and some pictures will be coming later this weekend.

I am really thankful for some wonderful people in my life.

First of all, my co-workers. You guys make coming into work and slaving away in my cube worth it. Thank you for the cubicle humor and taking mine tongue in cheek. One of my goals for this week that I hoped to accomplish was to maintain my sanity. Yes, I put that in my weekly report last week. I think I accomplished that goal - - I think. There was some maniacal laughing a few times. Oh, and some crying on my drive home the other night, but other than that, still sane. I also asked my immediate manager if someone could clone me, if anyone knew how to do that. He e-mailed me that cloning wasn't an option until version 6.4 of our software.

Dang it!

So anyway, no cloning for me.

Much, much thanks to my co-worker whose name is almost the same as mine - - YOU ROCK! She helped me out with a lot of revisions to a big document and some of its smaller cousins we have to deliver. I told her I'd kiss her feet - - if we weren't in a serious work environment.

Then yesterday after a long, long day at the office, I came home to a note in my door. It was from my friend K. She had been in the neighborhood for freecycle and really felt the need to tell me that I was loved and that God must have thought I could use some encouragement. I got moist eyed - - sorry didn't cry - - I had gotten that out on the actual drive home. God is just so awesome how he works through people. Thank you K for the note!

Then, I came down to read my e-mail and I had a message from one of the gals in my Bible study, she sent out a calendar for us to put our available dates so we can plan another beach trip. She put the funniest photo on the cover. I'd share it with you but its the girls in my small group and we are in a funny pose and she put the "thought" bubbles over each of our heads. OMGoodness! I laughed so hard that I did cry. No one would 'get' the inside jokes we have in our group.

I am just so amazingly blessed!

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