Friday, April 3, 2009

Who the Heck Trained That Cat?!


That is Ranger sitting on the night stand next to my bed. That is actually his semi ticked-off expression.

I'm hurting this morning from the swim. I forgot how much your stomach muscles work and my forever stiff neck just kills! Getting up was really hard. However, the morning tuna treat routine is quite the motivator for Ranger. Good Grief!

I suppose he's lucky that I'm so mild mannered because anyone else I know would probably have killed him by now. So the alarm clock goes off. I hit snooze because "HOLY LACTIC ACID Batman!" I'm really sore. I slept well so that was good. Ranger begins by jumping up on the bed and landing on my stomach in the vicinity of my bladder. Then he walks up my body and sticks his nose up mine. I push him off. He sits next to me on the bed and bats my face with his paws. I cover my face with the blanket. He starts 'digging' at the blanket and now Scout is on the bed, on my stomach, purring and kneeding away at my stomach in the vicinity of my bladder. I roll over.

Ranger climbs over my head (all four paws manage to touch my head) and sits on the night stand where he proceeds to start knocking things off. I'm thinking, "Dude! You are so killing me!" as I throw the blankets off and swing my legs over the side of the bed, still laying in bed.

Ranger jumps off the night stand and the stinker grabs my big toe in his mouth. I move my foot. He bites my big toe again and gives me the "Get the heck up lady and give us our tuna treats!" meow. I ignore it. He bites my toe again! And HARD!

Alright, ALRIGHT! I'm up already. Geez!

Who the freakin' heck trained this cat?!


Wendylicious said...

LOL! My Scout gets her can of wet food when I come home from work and Heaven help me if I don't drop my briefcase and open the can the VERY SECOND I walk in the door!

And she's only been with me a little over 2 months?

RangersGirl said...

They learn REALLY fast. Its kind of scary how smart they are. I wish some of my system users were as smart.