Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hangover from Snowmageddon


I laughed when I took that picture. People here in the DC area are idiots when it comes to snow. What person tries to drive down an unplowed road when it just snowed 3 feet. Unless you are driving one of those off road, 4x4 trucks with tractor tires, you aren't going to make it down that road. At least this driver was smart enough to realize it before they were too commited and got stuck. I did see another pick-up truck stuck down at the end of a cul-de-sac, considered photographing it...but decided the driver might not appreciate it.
We had a lot of trees that snapped under the weight of the snow.


While the photo below was taken the day after the storm (Sunday)... Tuesday it doesn't look much different. I had a scary driving experience getting out this morning.

While our townhouse circle was cleared out down to the asphalt, the main roads through the neighborhood were not...and still look much the same three days later.

The only vehicles that were moving about on Sunday were SUVs, 4-wheel drives and pick-up trucks. However, people driving those types of vehicles aren't always that great at driving in the snow. After honking at me to get out of the tire tracks, this guy gunned it, causing the vehicle to fish tail wildly. I almost thought he was going to spin out right next to me so I started taking pictures...hey, if he was going to kill me, I was going to go down taking pictures.

The reason I had been standing in the tire tracks is that I saw a great picture...nice straight tracks through the snow...then the truck went by. As you can see he fish tailed the whole way.


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