Thursday, December 27, 2007

First, I must scream! AAAAAAAH!

I blogged, put a bunch of photos in and the darn thing *poof* disappeared!

So, getting back into the holiday spirit, you know good will toward mankind and computers - - I shall wrap up my Ranger's Girl Does Washington DC Holiday Lights series with the Festival of Lights at the Mormon Temple. Honestly, I thought this was going to be bigger than it was. It was very pretty. If I were to explain it to someone who couldn't see my photos, it would be frozen fireworks.

Above, this is me before heading into the Visitors Center (photo just below) to check out the Christmas trees. Amazingly, no one tried to evangelize me. The women missionaries were inside the Visitor's Center greeting folks and yes evangelizing with The Book of Mormon in hand. They seemed to target the foreigners that were visiting. By the way, some nice German ladies too the photo of me above.

Frozen fireworks, yes?

I was fascinated by these 'flowers'. Maybe I'll have to get some of these for my walkway. How annoying would that be for my neighbors? I think they looked pretty.

This is the fountain in front of the Temple looking toward the Visitors Center. Very pretty. This must have taken them a long time to do. I bet they had every church sponsored Boy Scout troop stringing lights Thanksgiving weekend.

Below is the temple. I like how they did red, white and blue lights leading up to the Temple. Very patriotic.
The Temple is visible from I-495 (the infamous Washington, DC Beltway). It looks huge and imposing from the highway. However, walking up to it, it didn't seem as big as I thought. It does have beautiful stained glass.

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