Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The National Christmas Tree

The last stop on my Capital Christmas adventure was the National Christmas Tree. This however will not be my last blog about the festive displays in Washington, DC. I just wanted everyone to see how different the National Tree was from the tree at the Capital building.

An odd thing happened at the tree -- I ran into someone I know. That NEVER happens in DC. The photo above is me and my friend Jess. Her husband actually spotted me and yelled out my name.

The National Tree is a live tree planted in the Elipse infront of the White House. As I was researching the history of the National Tree - - I found a lot of information. Check out the National Park Service's History of the National Christmas tree to find out how this tradition began - - and to see photos of Christmas trees of the past.

There are 50 smaller trees that line the perimeter of the National Tree. These are the 'State" trees. There were quite a few people down here this evening.

I really like this photo because the Washington monument is in the background. Tomorrow - - a hidden treasure!

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