Sunday, April 27, 2008

I feel like this jeep


Yes, I feel rusty, and dirty and tired and in some places broken - - but luckily no eyes knocked out.

It was a long Saturday to a long week. 

I'm starting to stress out at work.  Implementation is coming up quickly.  We hired someone to help me test - - but she's not familiar with the system so I am showing her step by step how to do what we have to do.  She looked at the dates on my white board and freaked and was very discouraged. 

"How are we going to meet those deadlines?"  Well, we don't have a choice.  Its called working really late nights.  She has 12 tests that she has to conduct (I also have 12 - - I took the more difficult ones because, for the most part, I know what I'm doing).  ARGH!

I'm praying for supernatural intervention from God, because there is no way I can get this all done.  None.

The positive - - I have been REALLY good with my workouts.  Even if I've put in a 10 hour day, I still go to the gym.  I'll have to see if I can still do it after a 12 hour day.

Today I labored long and hard on the yard.  I decided that I am going to buy a cultivator to help me dig up my side yard so that I can expand my garden.  After only getting about 4 inches into the red clay soil that was rock hard, I said "ENOUGH!"

I then attempted to fix my toilet (I broke the ballcock trying to get the darn thing to stop running).  Well, I got a new ballcock in but can't get the freakin' washer that seals water supply to thread into the fitting from the ballcock.  Very frustrating.  I'm going to have to call a plumber.  I will be really angry if this costs $100 for them to fix for me.  But, I want my downstairs toilet to work.

The only thing I was successful at today was replacing the screens on a window and on my sliding door from the family room to the patio.  Both repairs were required thanks to the cats.  For the sliding door, I got pet proof screen.  Its thicker and very difficult to cut.  Ranger did have a go at it after I put it up -- and it didn't tear at all.

And the other positive - - my house is clean!

So - - I'm calling it a day, while I'm still ahead!

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