Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009 -- Happy New Year Everyone!

Its amazing what a difference one night can make.

I mean, supposedly, at the crack of midnight, we all have a fresh clean slate. Out with the old, in with the new.New Year's Eve, I was 'celebrating' quietly with the cats listening to Old Time Radio on NPR। I love old time radio shows. The first show of the evening was the Jack Benny Show from December 31, 1939. Funny thing was, I had to adjust my FM antennae wire to get good reception, how nostalgic is that? Jello was the show's sponsor. I like how they incorporate the commercials into the shows back then. I could imagine my grand parents sitting around the big radio I now have in my living room, listening to this broadcast.

I was one of the last people to leave the office tonight। It was month end so some of the tech guys were still there. One of the guys asked me why I wasn't going out which led to...

"Have you ever tried Match।com? That's how I met my wife."

I rolled my eyes, "Yes, I've been on Match off and on now for the past 7-8 years।"

We had a 20 minute chat about dating and It was interesting to get a guys perspective. From his perspective, I've been successful because I've actually met people and gone out on dates. His perspective is the whole purpose of Match is to "introduce" people. My perspective is you are successful if you meet someone, get married and no longer have to use the service.

He told me to just keep with it। However, I told him I'm just getting tired of it - - its like constant job interviews, ya know. I'm tired of dating.

Ranger is curled up on the pillow next to me। I brushed him really well tonight. He loves to get his face brushed. Using a laser pen, I played with Scout and Stryker. Boy was that a good time.

So anyway...looking back on the goals I set out to achieve in 2008...

The Big Task Goal was to create a side garden the length of my house - - Completed। This spring is should look glorious with tulips and pansies.

Big Purchase - Bookshelves and Camera - - Completed there were a couple other items that have just been moved to the 2009 Big Purchase list। The bookshelves have helped with organization so much!

Financial Goal was to have at least 2 months of income in savings and pay off the credit card। I did at one point (July/August) have 2 months of income in savings and then September hit and it has been one thing after another. That savings account is getting horribly depleted. Paying the CC off - - didn't happen. Things were looking good this summer and well - - same fate as the savings account. So those will still be goals for 2009.

Fitness Goal was to lose 15-20 pounds -- I gained 10 pounds instead। I also wanted to train and run in a 5k this year, that also did not happen, in fact, I can't even run one mile now.

The new goals or old goals made new for 2009


  • Two months of Income in Savings
  • Pay off the Credit Card

Big Purchases

  • New Basement sliding door (insulated so no drafts and I save more on heating and cooling)
  • Wardrobe chest for bedroom (the cheap particle board one that I have is falling apart)
  • New computer (may need sooner than later)


  • Tile the basement bathroom floor

Fitness Goals

  • Goal weight is 135-140 pounds
  • Able to run 3 miles
  • Able to run continuously for 45 minutes
  • Able to swim 1 mile
  • Able to swim continuously for 45 minutes
  • Improve body tone, strength and knee स्ताबिलिटी

Personal Enrichment Goals

  • Take a photography class
  • Visit at least one location on my domestic (Continental US) travel list

So here is to 2009! I am spending the day in PJs by a big fire working on my scrapbooks.


Miss Em said...


You did your New Year's Eve quite simular to mine. Grabed a good book and crashed on my bed {with the Hey-U Tat next to me all comfy and cozy} with a large drink bottle of Lemonade Tea.
I heard fireworks going off and realized it was Mid-night. It was one of the nicest ones that I've spent in the last few years.

Not looking for Mr. Right, mainly I figure if I'm going to accquire a Mr. Right then I will meet him with the Creator decides I need to and not before. Like going out and doing things but 'dating' is a hassle I don't need or want.

Liked you idea on moving the List of 2008 to 2009. I used some of your set up and now I will tape it to the Freezor door as a reminder that these are the things that I want to accomplish this year.
I wish you luck on yours while I will start to plug away on mine.

Miss Em

Kristen said...

I love using the laser pen with my dog Chevy.. it keeps him entertained for hours!
Good Luck with those resolutions for 2009, you can do it for sure. Thanks for visiting my site.. I hope something comes along that is just what you've been waiting for, rather man or job. God has big plans.

Samantha West said...

Em has it right if you want to get further along on your resolution list. Mine's on the frig, and I read it several times a day. Just reading the list empowers me to work on them. My success rate is about 60% over the years, but I am ever hopeful...

Dating IS a hassle, I agree. I know exactly what I want in a man but I'm just not immersed target rich environment. I'd have to move to find that and my income is tied to my professional relationships in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Such is life....