Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We're Scaring The Away

In similar fashion to Field of Dreams' "Build it and they will come".  Washington, DC was experiencing: "Elect him and they will come".

Well it seems that the constantly changing security procedures, the driving and parking ban in DC, the threat of the possible collapse of the metro system, the threat of not enough bathrooms (I'm telling you Americans are motivated by toilet paper), inaccessibility to food and the threat of cold weather may be scaring people away from the inauguration. 

That was the latest this morning. 

Even if its like July 4th in DC - - that will be bad enough. 

Believe it or not, politicians and government employees were being really honest about what DC could be like if that many people converged on the city for the inauguration.  Maybe the honesty had something to do with Obama using "Honest" Abe's Bible for his swearing in.

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