Saturday, January 10, 2009

The First Warning Sign Should Have Been: "You look like a nice person"

O.k. I got in trouble at the museum today. Whoops.

As the Marines on duty put it, you can't always have a perfect day and today wasn't mine. In fact, today, one Marine said, I was living up to my hair color.

So this family walks up to me and says "Lets ask her, she looks like a nice person." and they ask if they an bring in a picnic lunch to eat in Leatherneck gallery.

Um, you know, I've never seen anyone do in two years. Does it cross my mind that the reason I've not seen that is because its not allowed....NOOOOOOO.

I say, well, I think it would be o.k. for you to bring it in but I think you should eat it up in the Mess Hall.

Answer is still wrong.

So needless to say when they tried to bring their little cooler in - -security stopped them. And I got the "Didn't they brief you on that"

Um, yah - - 2 years ago. I forgot. I apologized to everyone.

Then a woman asks where the classroom is. Well, they just started construction on Phase 1A, so this is what our classroom looks like right now.


Its kind of not there.

She was kind of upset because the web site says its family day today and there was a craft in the classroom and we should update our web page. Well, the classroom is out in one of the double wide trailers in the parking lot.

I didn't know this.

Now I do.

It was probably in my notes from our last docent meeting.

A Marine then asks me to get a wheel chair. I say, "Sure, where are they?"

He looks at me kind of funny and says, "Right behind you."

Duh-uh! I know this. I see the darn things there everyday I volunteer.

So anyway. I think that the brain snatchers have snatched my brain - - which would explain the horrible headache I have had since about 2 p.m. today.

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Miss Em said...

I heard someone once call all those Duh-uh moments a 'brain fart'.

By the way my hair is silver-grey[natural aging process] and my best guy-friend ask me when the Duh-uh[brain fart] happens if I'm having a 'third dementia moment'.

I usually answer, 'Yep, want to join me.'

Had a nice chuckle because it happens to me also.

Miss Em
Austel, Ga.