Monday, March 30, 2009

Bridal Showers and Bowling or Bowling and a Bridal Shower

It was a jam packed weekend. In my attempt to get balance back into my life, I am trying to attend more social functions.

Saturday night, Fuel, the singles ministry at McLean Bible Church, got together for a fun night of bowling. This was one of the few events that was out in suburbia so I didn't have to drive very far. It was a really nice night that started out with dinner at Sweet Water Tavern with two of my small group friends. After almost 2 years of being in Bible Study together, we are starting to think on the same wave length as we dressed (no phone calls) color co-ordinated.


By the way, what do you all think of my redder hair? I like it. Its my risky, fun, sassy side. I like the blond face frame, I think I'll ask my stylist to do a bigger blond piece up front so that it's "Pow!" noticeable. My hair looks soooo dark right now. However, in a matter of weeks it will have faded and will look more blond than red.

This is my 'team' or alley mates since we weren't really playing against anyone. By the way, I totally stink at bowling. Amazingly though, my fingers and forearm did not hurt on Sunday.


It was good fun. Half the gang drove into Arlington, VA for another party and the rest of us went across the street to IHOP. I was in the IHOP group. It was nice to sit and chat with people and I made some new friends.

Sunday was a BEAUTIFUL day and was spent in good company at my Aunt and Uncle's in DC for my cousin's fiance's Bridal Shower. It is always nice to see my cousins and Aunts (the boys, except for my hosting Aunt's husband and her son who was the dishwasher weren't there - - did that make any sense?) These are some of my favorite pictures.

Two of my lovely Aunts.


With two of my cousins. The gal in the middle is my cousin's sister-in-law (gosh not using names in this blog can be really difficult).


This is the bride-to-be with her mom just before she began opening all of the gifts.


This is my gift, prior to being opened, just had to show you the fun packaging. The gift was some of their everyday flatware.


The background to the little photo album she is looking at, it came in a bag from one of her mom's college friends (yes, they have been friends that long! Isn't that wonderful!) the card said, "Your mom is probably going to hate me."


In the album, were pictures of her mom doing silly college stuff us girls do like stuffing our bras, dressing up in goofy hand made costumes, and other 'compromising' poses I won't go into describing.


As you can see, one of the compromising poses got a huge laugh. Actually her mom was laughing so hard she started to cry and said she couldn't believe her friend had kept all those pictures.


A took set, well wrenches and ratchets. Her husband-to-be, my cousin will enjoy that gift. In reality, a took kit is a great gift. While my tools were not bridal shower gifts, I use my tools all the time and thanks to the guys in Museum Restoration, I actually know how to use them.


Tradition at American wedding showers is to collect all of the ribbons and bows and make a bouquet that the bride will carry during the wedding rehearsal.


Someone told her she could also wear it as a bonnet, however, I think that is done at baby showers. It makes a fetching bonnet.


The wedding will be in early May at a former DC mansion that is now a nature preserve.

That was what I was up to this weekend. I know I have vacation photos and stories to share, will do that as soon as I get a chance.


Wendylicious said...

I LOVE your new hair color! Very sassy!

Samantha West said...

Red is good on you! Welcome to the "Redheads are the most beautiful women in the world" club.

If you're serious about being red then email me and I'll tell you how to keep it from fading.

Red is a huge molecule and it had trouble staying inside the hairshaft once the cuticle hs been opened so it fades quickly.

Born blonde, been red since 1978.