Friday, March 20, 2009

So Much to Write About, So Little Time

Well, I spent hours folding laundry this evening. That gave my computer time to download all of the photos from vacation to my computer.

I just returned from vacation and a work related trip yesterday then it was back to work today. Thank God it was Friday.

The Twitter version of vacation - - cold, wet, muddy, battlefields, dirty towels, large room, water slides, hot tub no jets, good night's sleep, miles of walking, Virginia and family history, ghost stories, more rain, caffeine withdrawal, hot tub no jets, scary animatronics, good night's sleep, indians, ships, old ruins, tour of a military base, good night's sleep, worked my butt off, bowling, good night's sleep, worked my butt off again, long drive home, good night's sleep, back to work at the office.

I have some pictures to organize and I'll fill you in this weekend.

I also have an update on Gracie from her new mom.

Lots of stuff.

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