Monday, March 9, 2009

Sometimes God Just Turns the Lights On

My Bible study is currently doing Tune In: Hearing God's Voice Through the Static by Jen Hatmaker. I gotta tell ya, its a great study. We've been blessed by really good studies, last year - - a year long study on the Proverbs 31 Woman and now a study - - that may take us a year - - on hearing God's voice.

Last month we discussed how God speaks to us through the disciplines of studying His word, prayer, fasting and worship. Just a side to this, for my own personal study, I've started a study on the life of King David. I just love how God is able to repeat, or drive home the lessons he wants me to learn. For instance, when we were studying prayer in my group study, in my personal study on King David, it started with Hannah praying to God for a child, and we all know who that child ended up being. O.k. to be fair for those readers who aren't versed in the Bible, it wasn't David, but Samuel, who becomes the spiritual leader of Israel and who anoints Saul and then David as Israel's kings. I have always loved Hannah's prayer and how sincere and heart felt it was. God spoke to her through Eli and answered her prayer.

When we studied worship and how important it is to God and all the details that he demanded be put into it. Basically he wanted His people to put 100% of themselves into it, everyday. When Israel worshiped, God spoke to them, but when they didn't worship, He was silent. A key verse in both studies was 1 Samuel 3:1..."In those days the word of the Lord was rare..." We discussed how we should live our life in worship. I have often been reminded to work as if I am working for the Lord. I gotta tell you when I do that, my attitude is so much better.

With the state of the economy, I've been feeling a lot of fear and anxiety. I am blessed that I have a job and a home. There was a time in my life where I was without both. This Sunday, I woke up with such fear about the economy and money (Satan really gets me regarding money). The sermon was how as Christ believers, we have nothing to fear. The main scripture was Mark chapter 2, about the Paralyzed man on the stretcher and how his friends dug through the roof of the home Jesus was preaching in to bring their friend to Jesus. Let me just say that this scripture ties into my group Bible study and how God speaks through people (friends). I sat in church, and I sit here now in tears because I am so thankful for the friends God has brought into my life. There have been times where they have had to euphemistically (wow big word for me tonight!) carry me and dig through that roof for me. I hope that I can be that friend for them.

The message Lon Solomon wanted us to leave church with was Luke 10:19-20. A followers of Christ, we've won. We can stop worrying and enjoy life. Because its not the ups and downs here on earth that matter, its that our names are written in heaven - - its what is in heaven that matters. Shout out to my friend K in Germany, I thought of you at this moment.

Then - - yes, there is more! In Fuel (singles sunday school) the speaker talked about Benaiah and how all his exploits and lion hunting was God's way of preparing him to be King David's bodyguard. (Don't you love the tie-in to my personal study on King David?) That God uses our experiences as 'resume' building. The speaker did say that "Not all lion chases come out victorious, but its the courage to step up that matters." He talked about how God likes working when the odds are stacked against us because His glory really stands out. The last thing I wrote was "Sometimes we need to stop listening to what the world is telling us."

That is what I hear - - to stop listening to the world. To stop being afraid.

I have just felt so encouraged going into this week, I hope this brings encouragement to others.

Here is a link to Sunday's sermon.

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RC Facilitator said...

Hey, Rangersgirl-

Saw you on MAJ Carrol's blog and read with interest some of your postings. The topic of this post interests me a lot (, and I struggle with something you said: that as Christians we can stop worrying and enjoy life.

I have been of late pondering the reason- the purpose- we are here. I have come to the conclusion that it can't just be a test to see who accepts Christ and that "works" don't matter (which is against the Presbyterian doctrine). To me, the whole "works don't matter" mantra would lead people to stop stressing and enjoy life- vice worrying if you are using the gifts God has bestowed upon you in the most productive way. My idea is that if we don't do that- God would only be able to conclude He wasted those gifts.

Anyway, I'm not saying you are wrong- just that your post made think about some things I've been wrestling with myself. I really feel that as blessed as I have been with being an American and all the other gifts I've been given, I would be remiss to not do as many "works" as I can in thanks. Maybe that in and of itself doesn't have as much bearing as the concept of grace, but I tend to believe more and more that they aren't just "nothing".

- Grant Martin