Sunday, March 29, 2009

Where in the World is Ranger's Girl?

Don't let that headline scare anyone. I am still well entrenched in the Washington DC area. I've just been supper busy and last week seemed like the days just stretched into the LONGEST days ever.

This was my first full week back to work after vacation so after sorting through what seemed like 500 e-mails (I don't think I'm exagerating there) I could get back to business. I honestly feel like I am a week behind. Hmm, I guess since I went on vacation for a week, I am a week behind.

Vacation wasn't all vacation as I had a business trip tacked on to the end of things. It was pretty interesting. Everyone was very nice, even though they were very frustrated. Nothing like going into an office where everyone hates the software application you worked your butt off to implement. I think the most frustrating thing for me has been dealing with people that haven't read the User's Manual that I wrote. I thought if I went step by step and screen shot by screen shot, people would understand. Problem is, they aren't taking the time to read the manual. GRRR. So, anyway, I think sitting with the actual users has been most helpful and I know what I want to do to revise the User's Manual, when I get a chance.

Last week in a meeting to discuss the testing and coordination of a software mod, I noticed all of the sticky notes on the conference room walls. Any of you friends with Microsoft Project? What folks have found is the easiest way to plot stuff out in Project is to plot it out using stickies on a wall first. Imagine a large conference room that can sit about 30 people comfortably, with sticky note covered walls. I'm talking floor to ceiling covered. One of the managers asked me if I wanted to run for the hills after seeing the walls.

Um, well, in the state of the economy, no. I'm glad to see we have that much work. Job security is a good thing. I like job security. I'm not so sure what I think about the prospect of not having a life. One of my co-workers ended up with a dog after the last implementation (she promised her kids a dog as a reward for putting up with her long hours).

I sometimes feel like I don't have a life. Like I let the job take over. People ask me what's going on and all I can talk about is work. I wish work were something interesting I could blog about. So please bear with me as I struggle for balance.

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