Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ahhh, the pitter patter of little feet.

Yes, I have babies in the house. I am fostering a litter of motherless kittens for Lost Dog Lost Cat Foundation. They are five weeks old and very tiny, oh my goodness! In fact the following pictures of them are actually bigger than life. Ranger was not happy when I brought them in. He hissed at the carrier and hissed and growled at me every time I tried to touch him. The funny thing is, these kittens look like Ranger.

After much thought, I have decided on names for them. Let me introduce you.

This handsome little man is Dash (short for Dashing). I think he is so charming (yes the name Prince Charming was also a consideration). He has a very sweet disposition, is good at climbing up the shower curtain, the bed, and my legs. I have found that he loves to be cuddled and get his belly rubbed. Oh, he stretched out so long when I was rubbing his belly the name Stretch was also a consideration.


Next is Ranger's mini-me, I have decided to call him Duke, as in John Wayne. He has a similar personality to Ranger, very sweet one minute and then *POW* he'll knock you out (if you are a kitten) or bite your ankle, hard I might add, if you aren't paying enough attention to him. He was draging a toy around and the other kittens thought "Hey, cool!" and pounced on the toy. He let out the biggest growl I have heard come out of a little kitten ever. He even tried to push one of his brothers off the bed. Yes, the Duke has some attitude.


Next is the only girl in the litter. She the tiniest which concerned me a little bit until I got her home and *zing, zang, zoom* She was every where like a lightening bolt. She scared me last night because she wouldn't stop jumping and wrestling and running around with her brothers even though she was panting. I tried holding her to get her to settle down but she would have none of that. Names I was considering, Flash, Zoom-Zoom but one of my facebook friends from high school suggested Spree (a spell of unrestrained activity) - - what a perfect name for her. Meet Spree everyone.


Last but not least is Stache. He had his name right away because of his white upper lip, looks like a mustache. He's a little suave guy. My best eater of the bunch and boy does he love to snuggle and sleep. He fell asleep eating this evening. Yep, nose right into the food, out like a light.


They will not be making the adoption events until July, when they are 10 weeks old.
They have survived their first bath (someone had an accident in the carrier and all of them had poo on them). They have not been introduced to Ranger, Scout and Stryker - - other than the quick sniff and hiss (aka meet and greet) when I brought them in last night. We'll see how the under the door interaction goes. I hope kittens are less threatening to my three than another adult cat.

Stay tuned for growth updates!

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