Saturday, May 30, 2009

Just Shoot Them Down For Crying Out Loud!


So has anyone considered doing this? I'm talking North Korea's missiles that they are testing. I mean, they are testing - - so why can't we test our missile defense systems? Would we be provoking them? They seem to think its o.k. for them to test their missiles and that the rest of the world shouldn't be bothered by this - - so I'm thinkin' lets test our defense systems and shoot the darn things down. Can't we go to the world community with "What's the big deal, they were testing, we were testing. Its all good."

I do realize us shooting down one of their test missiles could do a few things like:

1) Provoke North Korea into invading South Korea. However, I'm wondering, maybe we could bribe the NK soldiers with food should they invade. "Surrender and we'll give you three meals a day!"

2) Would China back North Korea if they invaded South Korea? I mean they rely on SK, the US and Japan to buy their goods. Actually they rely on the US to buy their goods - - so if they backed up NK, could the western world do without all the cheap Chinese made goods in our stores?

3) Does any other nation make cheap goods besides China?

4) Could the US handle military conflicts on three fronts?

5) What if our missile defense system doesn't work?

6) What if our missile defense system works and the destroyed missile lands in a populated area and kills innocent civilians?

7) What if our missile defense system works and China and Russia observe how it works and are able to modify their missiles so as to make our missile defense system obsolete?

I heard a commentator say that North Korea is really in the business of creating chaos in order to have the world pay it off so it will be good for a little bit. Isn't that extortion? Personally, I think we need to stop rewarding bad behavior. Link food and monetary assistance to them doing good things for a period of time.

I'm also wondering, what if the world just acted like it didn't care? You know the reverse psychology thing.

I personally like the "shoot 'em down" strategy.

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