Saturday, May 2, 2009

Great Day at Great Falls


Great Falls National Park is one of Washington, DC's hidden gems. With the concrete jungle of museums and monuments, traffic and urban sprawl, this park is a relaxing oasis.


There were kayaks...


...and fishers...


... and people getting married...


... and rock climbers...


... and casual hikers/walkers such as myself, below and one of my friends from Bible Study. This is a ruin of one of the locks that serviced the Patomack Canal from 1802-1825.


I really like this picture of my friend. She is much braver than I sitting on the edge of a cliff. She was telling me what she could see below. I am terrified of heights so I don't get very near to the edges.


Yes, that is a fireplace out in the middle of the woods. It is all that remains of a home that was part of Matildaville, a town created around the canal in the early 1800s and pretty much abandoned by the mid 1800s.


So many pretty wild flowers growing from crevices in the rock.


Can you see this guy? He was about the size of my thumb nail. He really blends in, doesn't he?


Despite the morning starting off with a good down pour of rain, the temperature was just right and the overcast conditions made it decent for taking pictures. It was a good afternoon.

I also played soccer tonight and am sporting a nice bruise on the inside of my left knee from where someone kicked me. I am not a soccer player, I just enjoy running around and having fun. My job is to just get in the way of the other team's passes. I'm not good, just enjoy having the chance to play. I should sleep REALLY well tonight.

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