Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why do I care and Why am I delinquent?

I love coming back from a long weekend to an e-mail with this subject line.

This person had the nerve to CC about half the world on this e-mail too. The initial reaction of people on my team was, "Is this a joke?"

I take nothing as a joke. I am dealing with a lot of people who are kicking and screaming regarding this new software application we implemented back in October. Yes, 8 months ago and still a great deal of resistance. We field nasty e-mails like this all the time. Often times I am pretty strung out and answer these way too point blank. Like telling someone to NEVER do what they did again because it caused the system to crash - - and then they have their supervisor call my supervisor to complain that me, a contractor, shouted at them. So anyway - - I'm not allowed to use capital letters in e-mails any more.

I was really good in my response - - very detailed in fact. Yet my detailed response took too long and half an hour into my morning, I got another e-mail from someone in his food chain to "Please respond to him, today." Funny thing when I sent my response, I got the auto-generated "out-of-office" e-mail from him.

His e-mail really ticked a bunch of my higher food chain people off, one person called his supervisor and his supervisor didn't care that he was rude to me. In fact, after I sent my detailed and very PC response, she responded wanting to know why this was such a problem. I responded back with its not a problem if people would use it correctly. What I sent out in my first response is what we were telling people in the demos, in training classes and in the training manual. If people don't listen to us and don't follow the directions, there isn't a whole heck of a lot I can do.

My non-PC response to the person who sent me the Why do I care e-mail should have been:

You are delinquent because you haven't done what you were suppose to do for the past six months. Why you should care? Hmmm, lets see, its called jail time.

I don't really think they could be sent to jail for not doing their job - - but it would have been fun to scare the person a bit.

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Tiffany said...

Sounds like an idiot. I encounter a lot of those at work, too. People who don't follow directions, don't do their job, don't hold themselves accountable. Then, when something goes wrong, the blame gets shifted (temporarily in most cases) and I have to find saved emails, chats and papers that show that I am not the one at fault. I vehemently dislike those people, who make life so much harder.