Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Former Secretary of State Visits Museum


This past Saturday, former Secretary of State, George Schultz and his family visited the National Museum of the Marine Corps.

Below, Mr. Schultz and his wife pose with the state flag of California. The state flags were lining the walkway entrance into the museum because the commissioning ceremony was also being held that day for two Officer Candidate School companies.

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While posing for pictures with the state flag of California, Schultz noticed the memorial bricks.


General Christmas explained the memorial brick program.


Inside the museum, Mr. Schultz took the time to speak with the Marine manning the front desk.


In the first gallery, Making Marines, Schultz and his granddaughter experience the dressing down from Marine Corps drill instructors. Schultz is a Marine veteran of the battle of Pelilu in World War 2. When he walked out of the DI booth, he wiped his brow and exclaimed, "Whew!"

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Back in the Iwo Jima area of the World War 2 gallery, Schultz, General Christmas and a Docent chat about the displays and how the decisions were made for what was presented in the galleries.

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In the Korean gallery, I asked (yes, I was humbly bold and asked) if I could take a posed photo of he and his wife. It turned out quite nice.

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At the conclusion of the tour, the Schultz family headed up to the upper deck for a lunch on the overlook to Leatherneck Gallery.

As I followed the Schultzes around the museum, it was interesting how the 'regular' guests didn't pay them much attention. One gentleman asked me who the man in the suit was.

Mr. Schultz probably could have spent the entire day at the museum. He wanted to read and look at everything, but they had only budgeted 2 hours for a tour. Maybe he'll make a return visit.

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