Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ted Kennedy's Gravesite - - Arlington Cemetary


A simple white cross marks the spot where Senator Ted Kennedy was buried yesterday.


Kennedy is buried about 50 feet to the left (if you are facing the graves) of his brother Robert, who is buried about 50 feet to the left of John. You can see Robert's cross to the back right in this picture. Yes, there was an armed guard at the gravesite. Since Arlington Cemetary was closed to the public yesterday, the public came to view the site today.

I opted to avoid any crowds and arrived around 6:15 p.m. There were maybe 100 people in line when I got there. I did not get in line. I just wanted to take pictures of people in line.


If you go to Arlington Cemetary, the Kennedy gravesite is a short 15 minute walk. If walking in the hot, humid, northern Virginia summer or fall, there is a tram from the cemetary visitor's center. The site is located down hill from the Lee House, home of confederate general Robert E. Lee.

After the resolution of the Cuban missle crisis, John Kennedy walked through the cemetary to clear his mind. When he arrived at the spot beneath the Lee house and looked out across the Potomac toward Washington, DC, he was so taken by the view he told an aide that he could stay there forever.


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Tiffany said...

Wow,I didn't know that about President Kennedy. So interesting that the aide would somehow pass it on...And why doesn't Robert have a headstone, just a white cross? (Or does he and I just misunderstood?)

I remember visiting President Kennedy's grave back in 1998 when Jon and I lived in VA and visited DC for the day. It was a surreal moment I get those same feelings when I visit the Punchbowl Cemetery here. Just a feeling of eerie peace (if there is such a thing...)