Monday, August 3, 2009

Drive By Blogging

Its shoot from the hip writing tonight and it ought to be illegal cause you know in the process I'm gonna break a bunch of grammar and spelling rules...

The blog police have struck and I find myself in, of all places a jail cell!


O.k. this is not "real". I can guarantee you if it was, I would not be smiling. In fact, I'd look pretty horrible with a runny nose and mascara running down my face from crying. I do look kind of gangster in all black.

Uh, yah, I wouldn't make it a day in jail - - even though I used to go to the jail every day years ago when I covered the Police and Sheriff's beat for a small town Ohio newspaper.

This weekend I spent a fun Saturday with my sorority sister B, who I haven't seen in YEARS! Hey - - if you can't go to jail with a sorority sister, who the heck can you go to jail with? No misunderstandings here -- she isn't in jail or prison or anything like that. I met her family for a tour of the National Museum of Crime and Punishment. Who knew there was such a museum in Washington, DC?

And no, this wasn't a visit to the Capital Building and Congress (thanks Dave for the funny comment on Facebook).

It was an interesting place with crime and punishment paraphernalia and artifacts. Below, the car Bonnie and Clyde were driving when they were gunned down by law enforcement.


Just before the crime scene room, we got to watch from an apartment window, a suspicious person leaving the building across the street, later we would have to remember the details when we were questioned by police as a possible witness. I would have to say B and I did pretty good, between the two of us we got 100% on the suspect quiz. I still laugh a her added description, "He was heavy and had man boobs."


There was no body at the crime scene and to be really honest, I was surprised there wasn't more blood. I remember one of my journalism profs in college talking about his stint as a crime scene photographer. You see some pretty nasty stuff. Not sure if I'd want to do that kind of photography.

Mug shots on the other hand, I think I could do this. I got a kick out of this wall signage. They sometimes had to hold down criminals who didn't want their photos taken. I kind of felt sad when I realized that for some of these guys, this might be the only "Professional" photo they may have ever had taken.


They had a CSI lab with a body (from the crime scene). And it looks like someone decided to take a toe home. The body was not real.


So, after this we went to lunch.

We went to Gordon Bierch by the Spy Museum. I really like Gordon Bierch. However, their home brewed rootbeer was more like home brewed onion beer. B's husband and daughters sent theirs back.

This is B and I. She hasn't changed a bit! It was so nice to see her and chat as we walked through the museum. She has such a beautiful family!


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Beth said...

we don't look so bad for a couple of almost middle-aged chicks, no? had a great time with you and THANKS for the kudos on my family! while i think they're pretty special, i appreciate an unbiased opinion as well!