Sunday, September 6, 2009

In the Virginia Hills for the Scottish Games


The Scottish Games of Virginia were held in The Plains. This is where the Gold Cup steeple chase race is held each spring. I was surprised at the length of the line to get in.

Once in the gate, we were greeted with row upon row of antique cars, many of the them British.


It was a beautiful day and there were lots of people and many vendors selling food, jewelry, kilts, pottery and other crafts.


Lots of good food. I did not sample any Haggis. I was curious about something called Birdies. Its ground beef, onions and spice in a fluffy pastry. It looked exactly like a turnover. I couldn't help but think someone would be very disappointed if they picked one up expecting sweet cherries...


I can't imagine this young lady eating that WHOLE turkey leg. I'm sure her dog is hoping she shares. What a good dog!


There were lots of dogs at the event. This little terrier marched proudly with her clan during the parade of clans.


We even got to watch a demonstration of a border collie herding sheep.


There were even 'sword' fights.


Those Scottish women are sure tough. Yes, beware a Scottish woman wielding a sword.


Be even more cautious of the Scottish woman wielding a HUGE log.


She was really good! The whole idea of this game was to flip the log. She did - - three times.


And she kicked butt in the hammer throw.


This man is an east coast champion. They competed in the hammer throw and stone put (like the shot put only it was a big river rock).


Yes, that would be a pitch fork that he is polishing up - - for the sheave toss.


For the sheave toss, they get a sack of straw that weighs (I think they said 15 pounds) and they take a pitch fork into the corner of the sack and toss it over a pole.

DSC_0487a DSC_0478

The pole below is set at 27 feet.


I saw this cute t-shirt.


However, I found that the manly Scottish men were quite modest.


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