Sunday, September 27, 2009

Retreat to the HIlls Part 3

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Of course, if the theme is Schooled aka High School and we had a homecoming dance already, it is logical that we'd have a homecoming football game.

I decided to take my sports photography skills out and dust them off. Within two plays, I as almost creamed by this green monster.

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The staff handed off to their ministry intern quite often. He was a good ball carrier and receiver. I think he scored all of the touchdowns for the staff team.

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This guy had some serious moves. It was like watching a martial arts film (I know bad comparison since he is Asian) where they twist their body at the last second to miss being hit by some thrown blade. Well this guy could contort his body while running to avoid getting touched it was amazing to watch. After watching him, I'm surprised their aren't more Asian football players.

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Fan reactions: Oh NO! Oh YES!

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