Saturday, September 26, 2009

Retreating to the Virginia Hills

Last weekend, I escaped the hustle and bustle and stress of the Washington, DC area and went to a church retreat at Rockbridge Alum Springs, a Younglife camp.

This was the main lodge where all of the sessions were held. We had about 500 attendees.


Below is the "Chow Hall".


This is the "lake" aka pond for all of us that grew up by the Great Lakes.


A beautiful, peaceful babbling brook gently cut through the camp. There were many rocks and benches where you could sit and enjoy quite time in the rising morning sun. I wish this time of day lasted longer.

Copy of DSCN9069

The theme of the weekend was "Schooled". The message that I walked away with was to remember that I am to love God first. Serving Him is my first priority. After the first session, most of the 'campers' headed over to the Homecoming dance -- yes this was a back to high school theme.

The dance was such fun! I haven't danced since the Marine Corps Birthday celebration last year. Clearly, we are not a Baptist church. Lots of dancing.


This is me with a couple of the men in our singles group.


Below, one of the pastors shows everyone his dance floor moves.


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