Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Magazine and Guardhouse

Next Stop, the Magazine and Guardhouse. This was originally built in 1715. It was the storehouse of guns and ammunition for the colony. I believe they used this as a location shoot for the HBO series John Adams.


Revolution era barbed wire.


The revolution in Virginia was touched of in April 1775 when Governor Dunmore removed the gun powder belonging to the Colongy. Lets go on in and check it out.


It was not easy to take powder and guns out of this building. Once past the main door, you had to ascend this narrow, winding staircase. I'm sure this had a defensive purpose.


Once up in the Magazine, every kind of musket, pistol and ammunition and cannon balls were stacked and hanging from the walls.

In addition to the weapons and powder, other supplies a militia would need...powder horns, blanket roles, canteens, uniforms and drums.

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