Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Recreation of a Successful Virginia Farm

My favorite things about the Yorktown Victory Center were the immersion type displays.

Clearly, this turkey wasn't afraid of losing his head.


Below, a recreated, successful Virginia farm during the pre-revolution/revolution era. My ancestors were successful Virginia farmers (Not wealthy, but successful, according to documentation my family has). As I walked up to the farm, I imagined myself walking up to the S. farm.


The house was modest, single room building with a loft.


The lady of the house was de-seeding cotton... looked like quite the tedious chore.


One one side of the room was the dining/work area, on the other was the bed. If there were additional children, they probably slept above in the loft.


This "family" had a separate building that served as the kitchen.


The barn was full of drying tobacco. Looks like they had a bumper crop, the barn rafters were full.


Most households grew their own fruits and vegetables. This is the vegatable garden.


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