Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bali Day 3: Exploring

This is the view of the rooms at the Alila resort. You may notice the strange fracturing of this picture, thanks new point and shoot camera. GRRR! My only complaint of this vacation is I lost a lot of pictures due to the odd things this camera was doing, over exposing, underexposing, fracturing the pictures. I got a new Nikon coolpix, point and shoot because I didn't want to lug my heavy D80 with me in carry on. I'll be honest, I wish I would have brought my D80 with me.

Below, this is me sitting on the yoga platform at the sculpture garden. Behind me is Mount Batukaru, a volcano, also known as Coconut Shell Rock. Its the 2nd highest mountain in Bali at 2,276 meters. There are hiking trips into the jungle on this mountain where you can get a 360 degree view of all of Bali. At the base of the mountian is the Pura Luhur Batukaru temple, one of six main temples on Bali. We did not go to mountain or the temple there. Maybe, when I return to the island, I will go on a mountain trek tour...and I'll bring my good camera with me.


Below, the roofs of some of the private villas at my resort. Yes, we had thatched roofed huts/rooms. Very water tight!


Lots of steps throughout the resort, my legs got quite a work out walking around here.


This is the spa at the resort.


The walkway from my room to the lobby, restaurant and pool. The lobby, restaurant and poolside cabana were all open. There were shades they could pull down to block the sun or rain, however, the open walls allowed for excellent circulation of air. Despite the humidity and heat, I never felt uncomfortable. It was open, lush, green, relaxing. Paradise.


This is a shot looking out of the library door down the walkway at the side of the lobby.

Lots of hybiscus flowers throughout the grounds.


The view from the restaurant deck looking across the valley to the temple on the other side.


Below, is another resort, nestled in the hills.


Here I am heading down a path at the edge of the resort.


I found this private cabana. A perfect place for a wedding or romantic meal.


The path continued past the cabana down into the valley. I wasn't wearing my tennis shoes and the the stone path became overgrown and slippery as it descended. I could hear rushing water, so I am not sure if there was a waterfall into the river in the valley. Because it was steep and slippery, I decided to not go any further than this and returned to the pool for a relaxing dip.

This is the pool.




Isn't it beautiful? The only trecherous thing about the pool was the tile bottom. It was slippery. You really needed to watch your step walking into the pool. Very beautiful, refreshingly cool, and peaceful.

Below are the sculpture gardens. There were two.

This is the second garden. I'll be honest, I don't really 'get' the sculptures and their placement. It looks more like a cemetary.

In the second garden, each sculpture resembled a large stone bell.


In sculpture garden I, the sculptures looked like large stone frenchfries. These three were part of a 5 stone circle. To the left of this grouping was the yogo platform framed by two rectangular rock sculptures. As you can see, we were very much away from the city...which was so relaxing!


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