Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 22 - - Bali Day 2: Arrival


This is the sign in the parking lot at the Denpasar airport.

After our flight, it was a little confusing about what to do. I found two of the women I learned who were going on the tour with me and we collectively figured out what line to go to first. After paying for our entry visa we then had to stand for hours in the Cusoms/Immigration line. We were approached by a plain clothes man who said he could get us through the line in 5 minutes and we should follow him. Um, no, I don't think so. We told him we were o.k. with standing in line for an hour.

It did take an hour and it was hot and uncomfortable!

Thank goodness the tour company provided us cool, wet towels when we boarded the bus. Boy did those feel good!

Below are billboards as you leave the airport.


Is this what you think it is? It sure is! A western style, high end mall just outside the airport.


One of the monuments to one of the Balinese gods. There were many of these statues at intersections as we drove through Denpasar.


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