Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 19th - - Bali - Day 1: I am REALLY on Vacation!

I will admit to starting my vacation with a panic attack. Before leaving for vaca, I needed to select my health insurance coverage. I seemed to have missed the default password in the intro letter that came with all the insurance information, so when I logged in and tried using my enterprise password, it didn't work. Go figure.

I called the help number that was published saying it was available 24/7 during open enrollment. Apparently not. Two hours before I needed to leave for the air port, the Help Desk got a hold of me and I was able to log in and select my new health insurance.

Worry. I will admit that is what I did up to the point of where I was on board the airplane flying to New York. Does anyone else worry this much?

Its been two years since I've been on a real adventure. When I checked in at the airport, I was asked where I was running away to? I handed the man my passport and e-ticket information and responded: "Bali."

"Bali! You really are running away!"

Yes, running away...from the responsibilities and the stress of DC. I am running away!


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