Monday, January 14, 2008

Getting to Know the Candidates

Well, the primary here in Virginia is less than a month away. I've decided that I should get to know a little bit about the candidates - - actually be an educated voter.

Well, I could let Oprah guide me, I mean she's educated and all. Oh, and she makes lots of money, so she's gotta know what she's talking about when she backs her man Obama. That would save me a lot of time. If you let another educated person decide your vote, does that make you an educated voter by default?

I'm being my typical, dorky, journalism-history-poli sci major self. I have created a matrix comparing the candidates on the issues. I also used all my black ink printing out their platforms (yes, I actually read those things - - how else can you compare). Interestingly, I found that all candidates touch on the same issues across the board. I'm out to find out what is different about each - - or are they different?

The differences at a glance in issues I have found are:

1) Republicans have on their platforms the sanctity of life and 2nd amendment rights

2) Barack Obama stands alone in having Civil Rights as a platform issue

3) Hillary Clinton stands alone in having Women as a platform issue.

One of the universal issues among candidates is Health care.

Here is Hillary's proposal:

Obama's proposal:

John Edwards' proposal:

Mitt Romney's proposal:

Mike Huckabee's proposal:

John McCain's proposal:

Are they saying anything we don't already know? How different are their plans? These sound bites don't really get to the meat of their plans - - that is why I'm also reading their platforms.

Yes, I know I haven't selected ALL the candidates running - - I've copped out and just selected the top three so far in both party's races (I only have so much time!)

Sound off - - who do you think has the best Health Care plan?

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