Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tax Rebates

What are you going to do with yours?

I just took an AOL poll and the majority of respondents said they would use it to pay existing bills. (That is what I plan on doing should I get one).

Of course, this defeats the whole purpose of the tax rebate. Congress and the White House want us to take the windfall and spend it.

Well, you know what, spending is what got us into economic trouble to begin with. We Americans spend far more than we make. We are instant gratification - - you see a cool TV and you buy it. Some pretty outfits - - and you buy them. We are a country of such plenty, yet such want.

I wish I could say my credit card bills are for the fun things I did this summer. I did the wise thing with my big trips, I paid cash for the tickets. I didn't want to put this stuff on my credit card. The only thing was, my cash reserves were depleted ( 4 weddings and about 6 bridal showers for those 4 weddings will do that to ya). When Stryker broke his leg, the only choice I had was to put it on my credit card -- along with car repairs (that is what I get milking my car along to over 170,000 miles).

So - - my tax rebate won't be used to purchase anything new. New purchases are on hold till I pay my cat's leg off.

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