Thursday, January 24, 2008


In my quest to learn more about the candidates, I found the following site, Real Clear Politics. Not sure if it clarifies but it sure is chock full of information! I got the poll pictured above from this site.

So far, it looks like McCain is the only Republican that beats the Democratic candidates. For the Democrats, well, Clinton and Obama are neck and neck. I was trying to find the delegate count but am not able to at this time. Maybe because my head is so foggy with sinus meds.
I really feel like this election is a big deal. We have had a Clinton or a Bush in the Whitehouse since 1992. And if you think about it a since the senior Bush was VP with Reagan - - the clock goes back to 1980. So - - when candidates talk about change, I just don't see Hillary bringing in the change. I've also heard many first hand accounts of how condensending the Clintons were to military personnel. So the fact that we are at war - - and Hillary has flip flopped so often (frist she's for it and sending in lots of troops at the beginning and now she is against it and wants to bring everyone home) I feel like she just said what she needed to say at a certain point in time to be "popular".

The rest of the field. I'm not overly excited about anyone. Mainly because I don't know where anyone stands. I still haven't eeked out enough time to look over their platforms. Tonight? Maybe until the sinus meds kick in and knock me out.

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