Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ranger's Girl In Action

This past weekend, I gave a tour to a big group from my church, about 30 people. That is me at work - in action - telling people about Marine Corps history.

Clearly my waist band on my pants is not very sturdy, look how that speaker sags. I tell you, between the speaker and the walkie talkie I feel so frumpy.

That day at the museum was C-R-A-Z-Y!

January, February and the first part of March are usually slow museum days. Why? I don't know. I mean, its cold outside, museums are inside, you would think they'd have good attendance. I know that is when I enjoy visiting museums.

But back to the crazy. We had three special groups all coming in for a 10 a.m. tour. These were big groups of about 30 people. Group number one was made up of cub scouts and their parents. Group number two consisted of Marine Corps recruiters from Waldorf, Maryland and their delayed entry recruits. Group number 3 was my group, 30-plus singles from McLean Bible church. At about the same time we had a big group of about 30 Midshipmen walk in. Some of them joined my tour.

So does it look like I have their attention?

Here I am making a point with my water bottle.

You know, I do notice in these photos that I am standing tall and with my shoulders back. Someone made a comment once that I stood up so straight and tall when I gave my tours that I gave the appearance that I was a Marine. (whew! that's good - - would be bad to be a slouch while representing the Marine Corps). They also told me that I really light-up when I talk. I have wondered about that because many of my pictures I have seen taken of me talking with guests, I look like I am concentrating so hard on what they are telling me-- I don't think I have a "lit-up" face. Here, I kind of think I look like I'm being mischievous. That is my "I'm going to get in trouble" look.

Here I look more serious. But I'm talking about the Tet Offensive, specifically the battle for Hue City, in Vietnam. History note for y'all - - Today is the 40th anniversary of the start of the Tet Offensive.

There you have it. Me hard at 'work'.

By the way, a lot of cool stuff is going on at the museum. I just have not had the time to get you all up to speed.

There is a lot of construction going on in Semper Fi Memorial Park, to include the chapel. A great playground area is going up, so if you are traveling north on I-95 and are sick of sitting in traffic this spring and summer, pull over at the Quantico exit and stop in to the museum for food, clean bathrooms, and a great outdoor playground for the kids. Later this spring/early this summer, we are going to start the Phase 1A buildout. Boy, lots of cool stuff planned for that!
More scuttlebutt later!

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