Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Small Things In Life Bring Such Joy...

... like hot showers.

You don't realize how much you appreciate something until you don't have it, or until it turns cold on you. I have spent the last 2 days taking cold showers in the locker room at the gym at my work. Why on earth would Ranger's Girl take a cold shower? Especially when its like 17 degrees outside. Well, I didn't have a choice. Apparently, everyone is on the get fit in the new year kick and the hot water tank just hasn't had the capacity to accommodate all of us.

Yesterday was the worst. I had done an hour of cardio so I was drenched in sweat. I turned on one shower and it was ice cold. The thought of it still gives me chills. I yelled out to the other women - - did any of the showers have hot or warm water. I switched showers to one that had brisk water. It wasn't pins and needles cold - - but cold enough you didn't want to stand under it for long. Interestingly, I was REALLY awake all day.

Today, a man came in the weight room and was joking with some of the other men not to use up all the hot water, that he had taken a cold shower for the past two days. I replied, "You and me both!"

Funny how you can bond with a complete stranger over the shared experience of ice cold showers. However, after sharing the story of how getting ice cold water in the middle of my shower on the first day caused my back and hip to cramp up -- I realized all the men in the weight room were picturing me standing in the shower with cold water running over me. Not an image I want strangers to have - - well strangers I see everyday. Does that make them strangers then?

Today, I entered the locker room and asked the other women, "Any hot water today?" And are you ready - - YES! It was very hot! So exciting! After two cold days - -this morning's shower was like heaven!

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