Friday, February 8, 2008

Leatherneck's Letter of the Month Honors Go to Miss Jess

Many of us are buddies of Miss Jess a.k.a victorygal (pictured above at the Museum). I had the pleasure of meeting her while we were both going through docent training for the National Museum of the Marine Corps. In fact, Miss Jess introduced me to blogging - - something that I hadn't explored before because I had been too cheap to pay for a high speed internet connection.
I so enjoyed her well written entries. I will admit I was a bit jealous over the fact that she beat me to blogging about the museum. She is just a "from the heart" kind of writer and I thought she should try to get some of her stuff published.
Well, she sent an entry in to Leatherneck Magazine - - its a magazine published by the Marine Corps Association. Many of us may remember this blog entry, her reflections of the first Christmas Eve at the National Museum of the Marine Corps. It made many of us cry - - re-reading it still makes me cry. She received the "Letter of the Month" honors in Leatherneck - - that includes being published in Leatherneck and $25.
I had heard she had sent something in because one of the other docents was asking me who Jess was because one of his buddies in Ohio called him with express orders to say "Tell her, 'Thanks'".
Something tells me there weren't many dry eyes reading the Letters section of February's issue of Leatherneck.

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