Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ranger on Ruffies

Well, my veterinarian saga continues. Ranger has a full blown urinary track infection. I'll save you the details. We had an appointment today at the vet. This time I made sure I gave him enough tranquilizers. My observations are: Ranger has the constitution of a Grizzly Bear and a tranquilized cat is pretty funny.

Two weeks ago, the vet prescribed tranquilizers for Ranger so that he would be less combative for his annual appointment. Yes, that sweet fluffy ball of fur is a vicious wild animal at the vet. So anyway. I give him 1.5 pills. That was suppose to knock him out. It had no effect. So this morning, I shoved 2.5 pills down his throat.

That did the trick, sort of.

Until the adrenaline kicked in.

Do you remember the scene in the Movie True Lies, where Arnold is drugged up with truth serum?

Well, that was Ranger. The Vet did not get his neck broken and I think everyone left the office with all fingers still intact.

It has been an interesting day. Ranger, to put it lightly, has been pissed. Think angry drunk. The poor guy was swerving down the hallway, even ran into the wall. He tried to climb the stairs, and slid back down. I couldn't help laughing. So, he literally clawed his way up the stairs. Of course when he got to the top, he just clunked out and laid there for a while. Poor guy.

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