Tuesday, February 5, 2008

No New Thoughts Sprouting Forth From My Fingers

Its amazing how actually having work to do at work has just sucked my mind dry in regards to material to blog about.

Oh, I have my random thoughts of "Hey, that would make a good blog" but after 9 solid hours at a computer the past couple weeks I get home and I sit down at the computer, read all your blogs, sometimes comment -- by the way if I am incoherent in any of my comments - - I was tired, and then I have nothing to write. Well, I really do have stuff to write but when I write it, it reads like it was written by a 3rd grader.

One news item I found interesting this past week came out of Berkley, California. The town council voted that the Marine Corps recruiting station was not welcome in town. The town council actually gave a permit to Code Pink reserving the parking space right in front of the recruiters so they could protest on Thursday afternoons. I'm sure that is the day and hours the recruiter shutters the office up and goes to make school visits (if they let him/her in) or outside of the office rounds.

My thought on the whole thing - - how ironic that Code Pink is protesting the Marine Corps, one of the branches of the military whose members have taken an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States and protect it from enemies both foreign and domestic. Basically, they (Code Pink) are protesting the folks that defend their right to protest.

Wonder what Code Pink would think about a chant of "Hell no! The Constitution must go!"
I love the United States and the fact that this type of stuff goes on. I don't agree with Code Pink (I think they are all wackos) - - but in so many other parts of the world people go to prison for saying the things Code Pink says. Do you remember all the lawyers and such in Pakistan that got arrested for protesting the suspension of their constitution and the implementation of martial law this past fall?

I also love the fact that our military can not pick and choose what battles they will fight (even though some members have tried with the War in Iraq and Afghanistan). I mean, if someone were to threaten Code Pink's right to protest all the nutty stuff they protest and the President of the United States ordered the Marines to defend Code Pink - - the Marines would defend Code Pink. The wouldn't like it, but they'd defend them.

Those are my brain sucked out of my head through my eyeballs thanks to Microsoft Visio flow charts and financial software crap thoughts for the day.

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