Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dinner at The Globe and Laurel


I finally got to eat at the Globe and Laurel! 

What is the Globe and Laurel?  It is a restaurant owned by retired Marine Rick Spooner and his wife.  Originally, it was located in historic Quantico Town but burned down.  Its last location was on Rt. 1 in Triangle, Virginia, just north of the main gate to Quantico Marine Corps base.  The Globe and Laurel is a museum in its own right to the Marine Corps and to law enforcement agencies. Why law enforcement?  That is because the FBI academy is also located at Quantico and with many FBI agents and other law enforcement officers being former Marine Corps or military, they felt comfortable at the establishment surrounded by military paraphernalia.

The walls of the Globe and Laurel  were covered with framed shadow boxes containing swords, military insignia and law enforcement patches as well as photographs.

And then, the Virginia Department of Transportation decided to widen Rt. 1.  The Globe and Laurel would have to make way for additional traffic lanes.

Spooner relocated to the site of the former "Philly's" restaurant, south of the Marine base's south entrance.  After a great deal of renovation (they pretty much gutted the place), The Globe and Laurel has re-opened.  I missed the grand opening on Tuesday, an invitation had been extended to docents who have worked the most hours at the museum (clearly I'm working too much and volunteering too much).  I wasn't able to attend the grand re-opening because I was working (that darn day job - - I need to win the lottery already!).

The photo above shows the new location.

The new location is twice the size of the former location, with much more parking available.  For those who had ever been to the old Philly's (I had gone last year with docents after our awards dinner), it looks completely different. Its a nice sit-down restaurant with the small town feel. There is definitely more wall space for more Marine Corps and Military paraphernalia.

Here I am with several of my fellow museum docents.  By the way, the mug the guy in front of me is holding is not a Globe and Laurel mug, its his own.  Yes, you can bring your own mug, and you can leave it hanging on a hook over the bar, should you intend to be a regular.


And the important stuff - - how is the food?  The dinner menu selection is limited, and that is o.k.  Why have a bunch of o.k. choices when you can do a few great choices.  I had the prime rib.  It was done just right!  The crab cakes got good reviews as did the onion soup.  The lunch menu includes burgers, the dinner menu does not. 

Ranger's Girl rates this a thumbs up place to go. 

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librariangirl said...

Thanks Rangers Girl for your comments. I don't mean this in a negative way but you are so similar to me with the military, divorce, past med issues, etc. that I find comfort in knowing you understand.

I would still submit the papers if I hadn't of read that I have a heart murmer, has past kidney problems, long term on and off use of anti-depressants, etc. It is just too much medical to have to justify.

I know the clearance is not an issue with the government. I have an inactive clearance and am actively getting it reactivated with the FBI interview process.

Like you, I will do what I can with a civilian job and volunteering. The USO orientation starts soon so I will do that for sure.

I like reading your blog and have found myself wishing I knew you in person to be friends.

Thanks again for your comments and for reading my blog.