Sunday, June 22, 2008



I can't believe it! Someone hit me with their car AGAIN!

This happens to me EVERY YEAR!!!! I was driving down an aisle in the grocery store parking lot, was stopped behind a car that was turning left and then BAM! A guy in a Nissan Xterra backed into me. That in itself wasn't so bad I mean it was upsetting. What really made me mad, while I was getting this guys information, a lady across the aisle came out and got in her car - - and she couldn't back out of her spot because my car was in her way. She's yelling, "What the hell is goinging on, why are you stopped?" Some man yells, "I don't know why they are stopped their just standing there talking, pretty rude."

OMGoodness! I yelled back at the lady that I had just been backed into and I was getting the information. She threw up all these hand gestures. So o.k. I had to move my car. What a bitch! All I'm going to say is, what comes around, goes around. However, I'm not quite sure why I keep having people back into me or rear end me EVERY YEAR.

What really stinks. I called one of the leaders for Single's Sunday school to tell her that I wasn't coming in this morning. I was going to go to church and go home to go back to bed. I was EXHAUSTED this morning. I was EXHAUSTED yesterday and took a three hour nap. I felt bad calling at the last minute because they don't have anyone who can run the Power Point. This morning I just felt like I had hit the brick wall. So after church I went to the grocery store on the way home and this happened.

Oh, USAA doesn't have weekend hours. You have to go online and file a claim or wait until Monday. The other guy had USAA insurance too. Well, USAA is having this new online security thing where you have to get a pin number, but you have to have a temporary pin number in order to get the new pin number - - Was this sent to me? Is this some number I already have? ARGH! I'm going to have to wait til Monday morning to call them, which is going to be difficult as I'm teaching a training class.

Here is the one thing I'm the most worried about, that I didn't get all the information that I needed to get.

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