Monday, June 30, 2008

Garden Tour, Smithsonian Museum


I love how in the heart of the Capital of the United States of America, we have the vast lawn known as "The Mall" - - granted, its been getting so much traffic that the lawn is looking a lot like an over worn football field. I love it - - I love the ability go go from cement jungle just a block away to lush green gardens. All of the Smithsonian museums have gardens in their courtyards. Above, the Smithsonian Castle garden that big office building is the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Below, some of the detailed areas of the garden.



This is a courtyard at one of the art museums. I don't remember which one. Chains prevent visitors from walking out into the courtyard. Guess they don't want people throwing coins in the fountain or (bleck!) getting too close to the box wood. The only 'nice' thing I can say about boxwood is you can sculpt it - - other than that, I think it is smelly.


Along 'The Mall' side of the Smithsonian Castle is a gorgeous rose garden. So many varieties!


Near the sculpture garden, a shady retreat from the harsh sunshine and humidity.

All along the walls were different garden areas, each with different featured flowers. I liked this area because of the colorful bird houses.


I gotta tell you, nothing de-stresses me quicker than a nice walk through a beautiful garden.

Oh, tourist tip I want to share about DC. The cleanest bathrooms are in the Art Museums because they are the least visited, well the smaller Art Museums, anyway.

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