Monday, June 23, 2008

"Its So Nice to Be Talked To Like A Human Being"

That was the comment an Officer Candidate made to me Saturday. He and two other candidates asked me how to get into a particular gallery and I showed them the "secret door" short-cut.

I gotta tell you, I would hate to be a female candidate. The female drill instructors were really riding these women. Holy cow! I observed one female candidate get "talked to" and the candidate, fighting back tears, had to stand and say how she had messed up.

The men got it just as bad. I asked one officer if he was going to tell his group about the Huey he said he'd gather them up and let me tell them. To one guy he says, "Are you part of my group." The candidate didn't answer correctly. The officer said, "Its yes or no. Are you part of my group? Yes, or no."

For some reason the song Paradise by the Dashbaord Lights just flashed through my head..."Whats it going to be boy, Yes......Or....NO!?"

I wonder how many candidates are praying for the end of time - - or at least the end of the summer. I also wonder how many will choose to be Marine Corps Officers.

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