Saturday, August 16, 2008

Any Thoughts on the Civil Forum at Saddleback?

My initial thoughts are:

1) Obama is more dynamic speaker than McCain

2) I thought McCain seemed a bit 'uncomfortable' with his Christianity. Obama was much more comfortable weaving his faith wth his answers. Honestly, I don't think McCain could have picked a Bible verse out of thin air to apply to an issue like Obama did with the "least of my brothers'.

3) I did like how McCain had short and sweet answers. I'll behonest, I drifted off a couple times while Obama was 'building' his answer.

4) I think as far as issues that are important to Christians, McCain was more aligned. However, going back to #2 he seemed more comfortable with his Christianity.

5) The questions related to moral failure - - man what a tough question. I liked that McCain mentioned the failure of his first marriage - - he had been cheating with Cindy prior to his divorce and married Cindy like a month or so after his divorce. Obama, I liked how he talked about how when he was younger he did drugs and was selfish (I almost thought he was going to say something about how many women he'd been with before being married).

The one issue I didn't like either answer was in relation to stem cell research. Everyone focuses on using stem cells form fetuses that are going to be discarded - - but no one ever seems to bring up using stem cells from cord blood. After every birth, the placenta and cord are thrown out - - unless you made pre-arrangements for it to be frozen or donated. Absolutely no life is lost by harvesting stem cells from cord blood.

I really liked this format and the fact that each candidate had the same questions and had no idea how the previous candidate answered. There was no one-ups-manship. I hope this type of forum will continue with future national elections and maybe another one closer to the elections - - with a different set of questions.

What did you all think?


Anonymous said...

After listening to that forum - I'm not sure Obama even knows what he believes. He weaved and wondered all around those questions. McCain was direct and succinct in his answers. You might not agree with him - but at least you know where he stands. Obama remains an enigma.

Miss Em said...

Obama's tongue is as slick as 'Slick Willy'{Bill Clinton}was during both his campaign and 8 years as CIC.
Obama throws enough words at it and no one realizes he did say anything of worth as he spoke.

I will follow my gut instinct because it hasn't let me down yet.

Miss Em said...

Sorry -- should read

Obama throws enough wors at it and no one realizes he did NOT say anything of worth as he spoke.

RangersGirl said...

Mss Em, I knew what you meant. It was a bit challenging to get "the answer" out of it all. That was why I zoned a few times when Obama was being interviewed. However with McCain it was like bullet answers and I didn't drift.

Anon - - I really did like McCain being direct and succinct - - when you can answer like that you are convicted in your beliefs. I wish I could be more succinct in my answers to things.

It was almost as if Obama was trying to formulate his answer for the audience but still stick to his beliefs. I mean - - if you are pro-choice - - just say it and then justify why.

Rick Warren was a great host!

I guess it may come down to do Americans want a point-blank-in-your-face-this-is-how-it-is President or do they want a President that makes them feel good, no matter what decisions (good or bad) they have made.

Miss Em said...

We've already had one of those feel good 'CIC'. His name was Bill Clinton.

I want an 'in-your-face-person' who will tell you-how-it-is and not tell me how-I-should-feel.

I'm not a PC person so give me the info so I can think about it and let me make up my mind.