Sunday, August 24, 2008

End of Summer BBQ


Well, its been a while since I've done anything social. I had a BBQ at my house this weekend with the women in my small group Bible Study and men from a couple of the men's small groups. Above is a photo of everyone enjoying themselves on my deck at the end of summer BBQ.


Above is my deck before everyone arrives. And below is an arrangement I put together in a small square vase of flowers from my garden.


The other half of my deck.


Some of my friends in line for burgers and dogs in my kitchen.


A little after 7 one of the gals from my small group arrived. Shortly after her arrival one of the guys arrived.

Then Ranger escaped.

So the next guest arrives while I'm trying to wrangle Ranger into the house using the garden hose. I tell him, kind of point blank, to go ahead and into the house but leave the front door open. My first three guests listened to me chase Ranger up and down the block. I say listen because Ranger howled and growled at me the whole time. My friend C said it sounded like he was possessed.

"We couldn't believe that was the same cat that had so kindly greeted us and wanted us to pet him."

So anyway - - I got Ranger back in the house and then it was an ordeal to get him to go upstairs and to a bedroom. Everyone laughed as I continued to chase him around the dining room table and told him to go up stairs. He hissed and growled all the way. Needless to say, I was a sweaty mess after this. My hair was flat, my make-up had run off my face. So there are no pictures of me at my BBQ.

After eating, we played catch phrase. I have to share this story because it goes down as one of those - - "What not to say in mixed company" kinds of stories. One of the guys is describing the phrase he got and he says:

A couple does this when they are being intimate.

People shouted out: Kiss, hug...

The guy replied: No, two words, you do this into a kleenex.

silence ... until I said,

Blow job? (you are suppose to shout out the first things that come to mind based on the person's clues - - my brain was in competitive mode).

Of course this sent everyone into a laughing fit along with protests that the answer I blurted out wasn't Christian and what happened to this being a family friendly game - - and good thing I didn't say that at game night at church.

The phrase the guy was trying to get his team to guess was: Hanky Panky.

It was a fun night. Everyone left around 1 a.m. so it was very hard getting up this morning. I've had about three Cokes today.

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